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Web forum is a discussion portal on a website. Website members can post talks, read and respond to posts on forum web space by other forum members. A fast discussion can be determined on nearly any best topics on virtual online community. Forum is another way to had reliable answers of your question from legal or authorized forum hosting moderators. Basically any company standing in a good internet status has a forum discussion section in websites.

Enterprise Hosting Plan

You can create

All Account will have..

  • Disk space5 GB
  • Bandwidth50 GB
  • Monthly PriceNPR 1000/-
  • 100% uptimeYes
  • 24/7 supportYes
  • Daily backupsYes
  • No ContractYes
  • Free SetupYes

  • Email Accountsunlimited
  • Subdomainsunlimited
  • FTP accountsUnlimited

  • MySQL Databasesunlimited
  • CGIYes
  • PERLYes
  • CronYes
  • SSIYes
  • FrontpageYes
  • CurlYes
  • SEO ToolsYes
  • Virus ScannerYes
  • Control PanelCpanel
  • PythonYes
  • PHPYes